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We want our audiences to be happy...

...We’re not talking “that was nice” kind of happy. We’re talking leap-to-your-feet and rave-about-it-for-weeks kind of happy. And we want you, our client, to smile so hard, your face hurts. We promise that's the only pain you'll feel...even through the booking process. Here at CirqOvation, we're sweet and easy-going, but we know how to make our clients' visions come to life through clear communication and solution generation. And that’s just a start: Our highly-skilled artists are not only the best in the biz, but also the nicest and most reliable. What more can you ask for?

With all the hard work that goes into planning an event, we want booking entertainment to be the least of your worries. Utilizing 20+ years of experience in the industry, we integrate our expertise with your savvy to make your event memorable with with a pain-free booking process.  When you're happy, we're happy. Now that's deserving of a standing ovation.

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Who Are We?

CirqOvation is a New York-based company created by the efforts of “Joshua J. Superstar” Edelman and Heather “Sora Sol” Iriye. We are a conglomerate of artists who seek to fuse physical theatre, vaudeville, street performance, and traditional circus in an eclectic array of talent from all over the US.

We have worked for many big names including Disney, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Big Apple Circus, Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Brothers, NBC, Britney Spears, and Atlantic City Casinos. We have worked all over the globe, from the US to the UK, Greece to India, Italy to China.

As artists, we seek to provide the best entertainment in the industry while bringing positivity and joy to humanity with every performance.


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